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Welcom to Gilutongan Island


The sea color of the cebu island is so constantly changing according to the angle of the sun that it is said to change seven times a day.

The colorful colors of the cobalt blue sea are the most attractive in detail. 


While diving is an essential attraction for the Cebu island, there is a way to enjoy the beauty of the detail without necessarily diving. 

Bangka is an Irish hounding tour to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and tightrope fishing in a

traditional boat in the Philippines. 


As you walk slowly over the cobalt blue sea, you will see Gilutongan Island gradually. 

The coral fields off Gilutongan Island, 25 minutes from the dock, are notorious for being the hot spots for snorkeling. 


Looking at the sea in Cebu, it comes to my mind that ' Oh, there was a place like this in the world. ' Stretch your arm and wet your hand.

My skin color is about to turn transparent. As I spread out the slices of bread, tropical fish quickly snatch them up.

Gilutongan has an area about 15 times the size of a soccer field.

It is about 5 kilometers north of Mactan and 16 kilometers west of bohol island

As it was designated as the 1990 Gilutongan Marine Sanchuario (GMS), it has a reputation as a tourism area along with environmental protection.

Gilutongan is in the limelight as a tourism resort.
Every year, the number of tourists who come to see the beginnings of the sea continues to increase.

Visitors to this place enjoy the Hopping Tour and scuba diving, and admire the nature under the sea for a while.

Gilutongan has a course on a semi-submarine vessel, which is an intermediate type of boat and submarine, to explore the Gilutongan ocean..

Whereas a submarine goes down to tens of meters deep in the sea, creating claustrophobia of fears.

The semi-submarine is modified like a submarine in the bottom of the ship, so it has a 3-to-10-meter coral colony where sunlight penetrates through. It is attractive to be able to see even the depths of the cliff on the beach.We can see the ecstasy that the sun is shining on the waves, and we can see it through the window of the submarine


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